Summer Solstice

A beautiful sunrise at the beach painted the sky in vibrant hues casting a breathtaking glow across the tranquil waters. Seagulls soared gracefully above, their silhouettes dancing against the backdrop of the painted sky.

As the longest day of the year approaches, let’s take a moment to explore and honor the Summer Solstice – a celebration of light, abundance, and the fullness of life. The Summer Solstice, usually occurring on June 20 or 21, has been celebrated for millennia. Its name comes from the Latin words ‘sol’ meaning ‘sun’ … Read more


A woman watering her plants in the garden and having a deep connection with Mother Nature.

Gardening is more than just planting seeds and watching them grow. It’s a mindful connection with Mother Nature, a chance to get our hands dirty and our hearts full. The feel of the soil, the scent of the flowers, even the plucking of weeds, all have the power to ground us and bring us into … Read more


Stressed woman working at her laptop, she could use Reiki treatment.

Stress is a part of daily life, and while some stress can be good for us, prolonged exposure can lead to negative physical and mental effects.  This is where Reiki comes in.  Reiki is an ancient practice that promotes relaxation and balance in the body. Here are some of the key ways that Reiki can … Read more


Man standing with arms outstretched before a sunrise.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to do more of what I love this year, and truly immerse myself in it while also helping others. Not many people know this, but it’s been years since I discovered the life-changing power of Reiki and other healing techniques. In fact, I can’t imagine going a day … Read more


A butterfly recently emerged from its chrysalis, next to several yet to emerge.

And just like that… The first month of 2023 has come to an end… Alongside many of the new year’s resolutions that fell by the wayside (me included) However, that’s ok. See, there’s something so refreshing about the beginning of the year.  It feels like a reset and we’re capable of doing anything and everything … Read more

Follow up

Open door to a sun room filled with light

Wow! So grateful for all the love on my post yesterday.  Can’t express my gratitude enough.  It truly meant a lot to me.  See, sharing something vulnerable was scary and there was a part of me that worried if it was the right thing to do… And if I’m honest, I sometimes hesitate to open … Read more

Opening Up

Sun rising behind a dark, stormy sky.

I want to get something off my chest today… And I hope that me sharing allows you to feel that you’re not alone. Here’s something you probably don’t know but… It was a really dark time in my life recently when I lost my beloved father.  The pain was immense and I felt lost, but … Read more

Person lying on their stomach on a massage table receiving a back massage.


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