Shari Courtier

Shari Courtier - Owner of Three Tree Wellness

Shari Courtier

Massage Therapist and Owner
License # MA60168206

Shari has a strong 15-year background in Reiki Treatment and a 10-year background in Massage. Shari enjoys being a facilitator for clients healing their mind, body, and spirit. She is one of the Lead Therapists in regard to Treatment and Relaxation Massage, as well as Energy Massage. Shari works well with clients that have stress-related issues, such as Anxiety, Depression, and Fibromyalgia disorder. She also, works with children with Autism, Sensory Disorders and ADHD, using Massage, Reiki and other tools. She uses Essential oils in her practice as well as a Zero-Point Energized Tool, that helps balance the body and Energy fields.

Shari has served the health and wellness needs of the Burien community at the Three Tree Wellness Center for the past 10 years.

Today, she is the Director of Three Tree Wellness Center, as well as an Intuitive Life Coach and a board member for Discover Burien.

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