Craniosacral Therapy

Woman lying on her back on a massage table receiving cranio-sacral massage.

Craniosacral Therapy

In Craniosacral Therapy, your therapist will work on the spine and head to ease the restrictions of nerve passages and reduce pain and discomfort. When blockages occur in spinal fluid, an inharmonious balance in the body can occur, resulting in muscle and joint strain, emotional disturbances, and the improper operation of the body’s organs and central nervous system. Craniosacral is a gentle massage; the pressure is less than pushing a nickel across the table. Generally, a session starts at the head, and we will work down the spine. This is all very relaxing for the client. Craniosacral has many physical and emotional benefits, including headache relief, can help with sleep issues, etc.

The idea goes back to the turn of the (last) century when William Sutherland came up with the theory that bones in the skull could move. This led to the idea that therapists could enhance bodily functions by gently touching the different membranes and fluids surrounding the brain and spinal cord.

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Person lying on their stomach on a massage table receiving a back massage.


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