Accident/Medical Massage (for PIP clients)

Medical Massage

Accident/Medical Massage (for PIP clients)

Medical massage, which is also referred to as clinical massage or treatment massage, is a goal-oriented approach to therapy. By utilizing a variety of techniques and providing education, the therapist aims to alleviate injuries or chronic pain experienced by the client.

Medical massage aids in addressing issues related to the postural and locomotor system, encompassing concerns like adhesions, scars, muscle tension, and tightness in connective tissues and muscles. This massage treatment enhances blood flow and metabolism in muscles, connective tissues, and fascia, leading to the alleviation of tension and revitalization while restoring muscular equilibrium. Furthermore, it has potential benefits for organic dysfunctions, including digestive problems, as well as complex pain conditions such as headaches and migraines. However, it is essential to avoid massage in situations involving open wounds, severe cardiovascular diseases, acute inflammations, or when a fever is present.

The session will begin with a comprehensive evaluation conducted by the massage therapist, during which you’ll have the opportunity to discuss any diagnoses or discomfort-causing symptoms. Together, you and the therapist will collaborate to identify the precise desired outcome for the massage.

You must have a doctor’s prescription to be eligible. With the prescription, you can either use HSA/FSA funds to cover the treatment expenses or opt for PIP as a payment option.

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