Donald Whitfield​

Donald Whitfield

Donald Whitfield​

Massage Therapist
License # MA00000584

Donald carefully works to restore comfort and reduce pain for his clients. He uses deep tissue techniques and other treatment modalities to help client’s find relief from tension and pain. He specializes in Deep Tissue, Sports massage, Lymphatic drainage and Relaxation Massage. He has been practicing massage therapy for 9 years now and he really enjoys doing it. Donald believes that it gives him a chance to help people feel good both physically and emotionally better about themselves. Donald is from North Carolina. He’s been in Washington for two and a half years now. He loves traveling, shopping, playing basketball and just enjoying life.

Donald Whitfield​ is certified in Lymphatic Drainage and works with a lot of post-surgery clients & people dealing with inflammation & lymphedema. Donald has found great success in helping clients in this way. Feel free to make an appointment with him anytime for this service.

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Person lying on their stomach on a massage table receiving a back massage.


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